Hi everyone,

Due to an increasing amount of questions and orders including the widening and lengthening of the planner clasp I decided to create this blog post with all the information about it.

Sizes of all our Custom Made Planner clasps:

Junior: 26 mm (width) x 100 mm (length) (+/- 1,02 x 3,94 inches)
Senior: 33 x 125 mm (+/- 1,3 x 4,92 inches)
Standard: 33 x 125 mm (+/- 1,3 x 4,92 inches)
A5: 38 x 145 mm (+/- 1,5 x 5,71 inches)

Nomad Junior: 26 x 100 mm (+/- 1,02 x 3,94 inches)
Codex A6 & Nomad 21×11: 33 x 115 mm (+/- 1,3 x 4,53 inches)
Codex A5: 38 x 145 mm (+/- 1,5 x 5,71 inches)


Now, for those of you that are real planner stuffers 😉
Here are the options of lengthening the clasp:
This option is available on our webshop.
5-25mm is €15.00 (PS. 1 inch = +/- 25mm)

Please note: there is no extra popper included in this option. If you would like to add an extra popper as well that would cost an additional €15.00, but you can only choose this option if your clasp is 12mm longer or more.

Here are the options to widen the clasp
This option is available on our webshop for all Custom Made Planners (Ring Binders, Nomad, and Codex).

chunky clasp: €25,00, this means that we increase the height of the clasp by 1 clasp size
Junior clasp will become Standard clasp, Senior & Standard clasp will become A5 clasp.

A4 Clasp: €30,00. This option is not available online. You can email me with your order at website@vdslederwaren.nl to include this option.
Size of A4 Clasp = 51 x 158 mm (+/- 2 x 6,22 inches)
A5 will become A4 clasp


Junior to Standard Clasp